Lectures are normally held in the YMCA, Shakespeare Street,

Nottingham at 2.45 p.m. A bookstall is available from 2.15 p.m.

Further information on all events is published in the Newsletter,

sent free to members four times a year.


Saturday 11 January

The Nora Witham Lecture

Thurgarton Priory: the survival of the medieval fabric

Dr Jenny Alexander


Saturday 8 February

The Maurice Barley Lecture

The French Medieval Gentleman at Home

Professor Michael Jones


Saturday 8 March

Sundials, noon dials and meridian lines

Mr Douglas Bateman

(Secretary, British Sundial Society)


Saturday 26 April



Saturday 10 May

South Nottmghamshire Churches

Leaders: Professor John Beckett and Dr Chris Brooke


Saturday 14 June

Renishaw Hall

Leader: Mr Peter Reddish

Thursday 3 July

Bolsover and Sutton Scarsdale

Leaders: Mr Philip Jones and Dr Trevor Foulds


Thursday 10 July

Evening Excursion: Hemlock Stone and Bramcote Walled Garden,

including the Ice House

Leaders: Professor John Beckett, Mrs Barbara Brooke


Saturday 6 September

Owthorpe and Colonel Hutchinson’s Garden

Leader: Dr Chris Salisbury


Saturday ii October

Meet the Ancestors

Mr Julian Richards


Tuesday 14 October

The Keith Train Lecture

(Further details will be in the Newsletter)


Saturday 1 November

ANNUAL LUNCHEON, Saracen’s Head, Southwell

Further details to be announced in thc newsletter


Saturday 8 November

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture

‘Continuity and change in the agricultural labour force in

Nottinghamshire: the Strelley estate from the 1850s to the First World


Dr Nicola Verdon


Saturday 13 December

‘Your Body Belongs to Me’: The Role of the Coroner

Dr Nigel Chapman