Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 102 (1998)

trans102.gif (15578 bytes)A Burnt Mound at Holme Dyke, Gonalston, Nottinghamshire by Lee Elliott and David Knight

A Medieval Silver Seal matrix found at Harworth, Nottinghamshire by John Samuels

Excavations of a Romano-British Field System at Lamb’s Close, Kelham, Nottinghamshire, by David Knight and Vicki Priest

The River Poulter in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire: The Origins of the Name by Andrew Breeze

The Earliest Nottinghamshire Will (1257): Robert of Whichford counts his Debts by Nicholas Vincent

Johanna de Cressy, the Lady of Hodsock: Seals, Power and Inheritance in Thirteenth Century Nottinghamshire by David Marcombe

Village Earthwork Survey in Nottinghamshire 1994 - 1996 by Keith Challis and Mike Bishop

A Newly-discovered Perambulation Map of Sherwood Forest in the Early Seventeenth Century by Steph Mastoris

The Nottingham Elections to the Protectorate Parliaments of 1654 and 1656 by P.R. Seddon

Post Medieval Glass-Making and Industrial Activity at Awsworth, Nottinghamshire by John Samuels and Adrian Henstock

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture, 1998: Useless and Insignificant Creatures? Spinsters in the Nottinghamshire Upper-Classes 1720-1820 by Sandra Dunster

The General Lunatic Asylum, Nottingham, 1812-1902 by Terry Fry

Migration in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield: A Study of Newstead in the Late Nineteenth Century by Philip E. Jones

Fieldwork by Trent & Peak Archaeological Trust in Nottinghamshire edited by Keith Challis

Fieldwork by John Samuels Archaeological Consultants in Nottinghamshire edited by J. Forbes Marsden


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