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Transactions of the Thoroton Society

Information on volumes published since 1995 is available on the Transactions page.

Thoroton Society Record Series

Volume 39. A Nottinghamshire village in war and peace: the accounts of the constables of Upton, 1640 - 1666 £7.50 (£5)
Volume 40. Sherwood Forest in 1609: a Crown survey by Richard Bankes [out of print]
Volume 41. Secret Comment -- the Diaries of Gertrude Savile, 1721-1757. [out of print]
Volume 42. A Nottinghamshire Bibliography: Publications on Nottinghamshire History before 1998 £7.50 (£5)
Volume 43. Unhappy Reactionary: The Diaries of the Fourth Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, 1822-50 [out of print]
Volume 44. Ducal Estate Management in Georgian Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire: The Diary of William Gould, 1783-1788 [out of print]
Volume 45. Village Government and Taxation in Later Stuart Nottinghamshire: The Gedling ‘Town Book’ 1664-1714 £7.50 (£5)
Volume 46. Church Life in Georgian Nottinghamshire: Archbishop Drummond’s Parish Visitation Returns 1764 [out of print]
Volume 47. The Welbeck Atlas: William Senior’s surveys of the estates of William Cavendish, first Earl of Newcastle, 1629-1640 £29.50 (£20)
Volume 48. Newstead Abbey: a Nottinghamshire Country House: its Owners and Architectural History 1540-1931 £30 (£20)

Other Thoroton Society publications

Transactions Centenary Index £3.00 (£3.00)
The Thoroton Society. A Commemoration of its first 100 years. Edited by John Beckett. Nottingham, 1997 £3.00 (£3.00)

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