Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 104 (2000)

trans103.gif (15851 bytes)A Prehistoric Vegetational History from the Trent Valley, Near Cottam, Nottinghamshire by Robert G. Scaife and Michael J. Allen

A Possible Beaker Burial at Rampton, Nottinghamshire by David Knight and Pauline Beswick

Nottinghamshire and the Crown: The County and its Institutions from its Origins to the Black Death, c.900 to c.1350 by David Crook

The Influence of Southwell Minster on Romanesque Churches in Nottinghamshire by Peter Coffman and Malcolm Thuriby

Some Nottingham Medieval Pottery Wasters by Vicki Nailor

The Status of Sherwood’s Ancient Oaks by Steven J. Clifton

Colonel Isham Parkyns (1601-1671): Nottinghamshire’s Forgotten Royalist by Stuart B. Jennings

Reconstructing the Horseman of Nottingham Castle: The Equestrian Statue of the First Duke of Newcastle, c. 1679 by Adrian Woodhouse

Archaeological Recording at St Catherines Church and the Wilioughby Burial Vault, Cossall, Nottinghamshire by Lee Elliott

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture, 2000: Neighbours from Hell? The Fourth Duke of Newcastle and the People of Nottingham in the Early Nineteenth Century by Richard A. Gaunt

A Victorian Farming Crisis: The Cattle Plague in Nottinghamshire, 1865-67 by John Fisher

Late Starter? The Rise of the Labour Party in Nottingham, 1890-1939 by Robert Bell

Greater Nottingham: The Abortive Boundary Extension Scheme of 1920 by John Beckett

Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 1999 edited by Carol Allen


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