Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 105 (2001)

Cover of Transactions vol 105 (2001)Editors’ Notes

Field-Walking and the late Upper Palaeolithic of Nottinghamshire by Roger Jacobi, Daryl Gaston and Jenny Brown17

A Roman Field System at Redhill, Ratcliffe on Soar by Michael Dawson

Excavations on the Deserted Medieval Settlement of Keighton, Nottinghamshire, 2000-01 by Lloyd Laing

Blyth Priory: A Romanesque Church in Nottinghamshire by Peter Coffman and Malcolm Thurlby

Nottingham’s Underground Maltings and other Medieval Caves: Architecture and Dating by Alan MacCormick

The Development of Private Hunting Rights in Nottinghamshire, c. 1100-1258 by David Crook

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture, 2001: ‘Lewd and Dissolute Women’: Women and Crime in Seventeenth-Century Nottinghamshire by Linda Lees

Victorian Vulpicide: A Hunting and Shooting Dispute in South Nottinghamshire by John Fisher

The Webb Family and Its Ownership of Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, 1860-1925 by Rosalys Coope

The Holbrook Bequest for Commemorative Plaques: Tradition, Narrative and ‘Local Patriotism’ in Victorian Nottingham   by Stuart Birch

Frustrated Ambition: The Nottingham Boundary Extension of 1933 by John Beckett

Archaeology in Nottingham 2000 edited by Sarah Speight


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