Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 107 (2003)

Cover of Transactions vol 107 (2003)

Redhill Iron Age and Romano-British Site, Nottinghamshire: a new Assesssment by Alan Palfreyman and Susan Ebbins

Excavations within the grounds of the Chantry Priests' House, Southwell Minster Chambers, Nottinghamshire by Lee Elliott

Egmanton near Laxton; Nottinghamshire's second finest Motte and Bailey Castle? by Sarah Speight and Geraint Franklin

Recent Archaeological Work on the Medieval Castle at Nottingham by Gavin Kinsley

The Mysterious Death of a Nottinghamshire Knight in 1292 by David Crook

Langton Arbor near Blidworth, Nottinghamshire: A Lost Hunting Lodge in Sherwood Forest by Philip Jones

Richard Parkyns of Bunny, c. 1539-1603: the Career of an Elizabethan Lawyer by Beryl Cobbing

'An Habitation not so Magnificent as Useful': Life at Welbeck Abbey in the 17th Century by Lucy Worsley

The Nottingham Electorate and the Election of the Chartist, Feargus O'Connor, 1847 by Che Binder

Muted Paternalism: the Barber Walker Company and its Collieries in West Nottinghamshire, 1700-1900 by Stanley Chapman

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture, 2003: Continuity and Change in the Agricultural Labour Force in Nottinghamshire: the Strelley Estate from the 1850s to the First World by Nicola Verdon

Archaeology in Nottinghamshire, 2002 edited by Sarah Speight


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