Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 109 (2005)

Cover of Transactions vol 109 (2005)

An Iron Age Settlement at Whatton, Nottinghamshire by Laurence Platt

Iron Age/Romano-British Features and a Fourth Century A.D. Christian Lead Tank from Flawborough, Nottinghamshire by Lee Elliott and Steve Malone with contributions by Ruth Leary

The Name of Margidunum, Roman settlement, Nottinghamshire by Andrew Breeze

The Excavation of Roman, Medieval and Civil War Remains at Trent Lane, Newark,Nottinghamshire by Richard Cuttler and Eleanor Ramsey with contributions by Val Fryer, Matilda Holmes, Rachel Ives, Erica Macey Bracken, Simon Mortimer, Stephanie Ratkai and Jane Timby.

The Exemption of Nottingham from the Forest Laws in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries by David Crook

The Course of a Tudor Coal Mine Drainage 'Sough' at Wollaton and Lenton, Nottinghamshire, 1552 by Graham Crisp and John New

The Moor Pond Woods Project, Papplewick: A Progress Report by Richard Sheppard

'Food to the Mind and Rapture to the Sense': Scientific Culture in Nottingham, 1740-1800 by Paul Elliott

Mr Whitley and his Company of Comedians: Nottingham St Mary's Gate Theatre, 1761-1865 by Michael Payne

'Plough Bullocks' and Other Plough Monday Customs in the Nottingham Area, 1800-1920 by Peter Millington

Fighting Disease and Ignorance: The Work of Three Victorian Medical Officers of Health in Nottingham, 1873-1929 by Denise Amos

Archaeology in Nottinghamshire: 2004-2005 edited by Sarah Speight


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