Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 114 (2010)

Editors' Notes

Cranbrook House, Cranbrook Street, Nottingham: An Archaeological Excavation Revisited by Scott Lomax

Tree-Ring Dating and the Historical and Social Context of Timber-Frame Buildings, Norwell, Nottinghamshire by Matthew Hurford, Michael Jones and Cathy Tyers

Ergotism? A Seventeenth Century Demographic Crisis in Bassetlaw by Jean Nicholson and Hannah Nicholson

The North Nottinghamshire Coal Trade in the Eighteenth Century by Philip Riden

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture 2010. Harmony and Good Company: The Choir-Band as a Vehicle of Sociability in Nottinghamshire, c.1750-1830 by Katie Holland

The Library World of Nottinghamshire in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century by Peter Hoare

Burgage Manor: New Perspectives on Georgian Southwell by Stanley Chapman

Byron at Burgage Manor, 1803-08 by Geoffrey Bond

Cheering the Member: Gladstone Election Songs at Newark by Richard A Gaunt

The Clergyman, The Widow, and The Milkman: An Examination into the Landlords of Working Class Housing in Edwardian Nottingham by Maureen Cooper

Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2010 edited by Keith Challis


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