Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 123 (2019)


Notes on contributors Page 6
Plates and Figures 8
Officers of the Society 12
Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2019 edited by Chris King 15
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Nottinghamshire 2019 by Maria Kneafsey (with contributions by Richard Davis and Natasha Harlow) 43
From ‘House of Caves’ to Nexus of Central England: Nottingham, c.AD 650-1250 - Future Research Directions by Gareth Davies, David Knight, Scott C. Lomax and Christopher Loveluck 55
An Archaeological Excavation at Drury Hill, Nottingham by Scott C. Lomax 77
Archaeological Investigations at High Pavement and Garner’s Hill, Nottingham by Gavin Kinsley 95
‘Floating the meadows’: some early eighteenth-century evidence from Norwell, Nottinghamshire by Michael Christopher Emlyn Jones 125
Annual History Lecture: Separate spheres: gender in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Recipe Manuscripts, c.1727-1790 by Lucy Judd 141
A Rediscovered painting of the second Duke of Devonshire from the collection of John Dodsley of Skegby Hall by Phillip Riden and Charles Noble 153
William Booth and Wesleyan Methodism in Nottingham 1844-1849 by Peter Hammond 163
Bootville: Sir Jesse Boot’s failed attempt at creating a Model Village at Highfields by John Beckett 187
Cinema in Nottingham by Michael Payne 197


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