Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 127 (2023)



Notes on Contributors 7
Plates and Figures 8
Officers of the Society 11
Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2023 edited by Chris King 13
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Nottinghamshire 2023 by Meghan King 29
The Clifton prehistoric pile site on the River Trent by Richard Davis 39
An Iron Age dagger hilt in the La Tene plastic style from Clipstone, Nottinghamshire by Andrew W. Lamb 47
Early medieval rivet wheat and a horse skull burial, and a medieval animal husbandry enclosure, at Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire by Ben Saunders 61
The southern town wall of Nottingham by Scott C. Lomax 79
Justice Peniston Whalley, Anglican Royalist. Part 1: the emergence of an Anglican justice by Peter Seddon 93
Horse-racing in eighteenth-century Nottingham: Catherine Hutton's visit in 1779 by John Beckett 103
'Lawless fellows and spoony magistrates': poaching in nineteenth-century Nottinghamshire by Rosemary Muge 119
Wife selling and wife beating: two cases of rough justice from nineteenth-century Southwell by Karen Winyard 137
What a municipality dared to do: the public organisation of science in Nottingham, 1843-1903 by Mike Noble 151

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