Recent news about the Thoroton Society and local history items, reports on events and lectures during Spring 2020, and the following articles: An Allegorical Mass Drowning at Gainsborough by Keith Fisher, The Nottingham Vaccine Institution by Terry Fry and Nottingham’s own Lifeboat, the 'Robin Hood' by John Wilson

Details of the latest volume of the Transactions of the Thoroton Society

Thoroton Society Council minutes for the meeting on 14 February 2020

Annual Report for the year ended 31st December 2019

The latest Record Series volume, The Nottinghamshire Church Notes of Sir Stephen Glynne, 1825-1874, has been published.

Geoffrey Bond and Thoroton Society Research Award
The Research Awards are again available in 2020 for those undertaking research into Nottingham or Nottinghamshire’s archaeology or history. Further details and the conditions of the award are on the Society’s website

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The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire
Grave cover from HicklingThe Thoroton Society is the county’s principal historical and archaeological society. It has a long pedigree, having been established in 1897, and is named in honour of Dr Robert Thoroton who published the first history of Nottinghamshire in 1677. The Society’s aims are simple: to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the history, archaeology and antiquities of Nottinghamshire, and to support local research and conservation.

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