Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Volume 113 (2009)

Editors' Notes

A Late Third-century Coin-hoard from Little Morton, Babworth, Nottinghamshire by Malcolm J. Dolby, Jen Eccles, Daryl Garton, Ruth S. Leary and Gwladys Monteil

Excavations outside Church Hole, Creswell Crags: The First Three Seasons (2006-8) by Paul B. Pettitt, Roger M. Jacobi, Andrew T. Chamberlain, Alistair W.G. Pike, Danielle Schreve, Ian Wall, Robert Dinnis and Rebecca Wragg Sykes

The Nottinghamshire History Lecture 2009. Stevenson Revisited: A Fresh Look at Nottingham's Borough Records, 1400-1600 by Judith Mills

Timothy Pusey of Selston Hall, Nottinghamshire (c. 1560-1647) by Clive Leivers

Landlord and Tenants: The Impact of the Civil Wars on the Clare Estates in Nottinghamshire, 1642-1649 by Peter Seddon

Early Nineteenth Century Weather Records taken at Bromley House, Nottingham by John Wilson

A Nottinghamshire Historian: Arthur Cossons (1893-1963) by Neil Cossons

The Thoroton Society and the Victoria County History by John Beckett

Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2009 edited by Christopher Robinson

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